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Have you ever stayed in a wooden house in a unique nature?

When was the last time you woke up in the morning to the scent of pines or bird song?

To escape the noise and crowds of the city?LemonPark House is exactly the place you are looking for.

LemonPark House is located in Antalya which has the best natural conditions of Turkey. 

Surrounded by a green garden: outdoor swimming pool, wooden bungalows, children's playground, à la carte restaurant,

hot springs, cafe bistro.We serve our valued guests with the finest and most distinguished delicacies, with LemonPark quality,

in our restaurant which has an extensive menu. After a large variety of breakfasts,

you can sip a pleasant cup of coffee in the smell of lemon trees in the bistro,You can enjoy the peacefulness you have dreamed of.

You will enjoy the evening meals accompanied by the magnificent nature and a romantic atmosphere.

You will embrace the peace of mind when you feel yourself surrounded by nature in a lush green garden.

"We are within the city but away from the city."



LemonPark House…

LemonPark House